Man, Vic and I don’t hang out much these days, but she’s the type of friend that I can sorta just not see for a very long time and still manage to catch up completely all in one sitting. I appreciate friendships like that and I believe she does as well because we both know it’s hard as a rock to keep a lively correspondence going while busy with school, other friends, and just life. We know the facts, and we use it to our advantage so that us not being able to see each other often doesn’t completely rip us apart (not that it would). But last night, I hung out at Vic’s place and totally had a blast playing…SNES and Mario All-Stars. We attempted to play Street Fighter II Turbo and Ninja Turtles but nothing came close to the fun that Mario was giving us. Haha, I miss the SNES console games. They were so simple, yet so fun. Actually, I miss playing Mario games in general. Last night however, Mario kicked our butts but we had a good laugh at the unusual ways we were dying and also the luck we were having with matching those three-part pictures in Mario 3 for bonuses. Man, Mario All-Stars is fun. :)

Wow, fantastic that some folks at NYU want to build a real-life Ninteno Mario amusement park, where you can stomp on Goombas, jump really high, and collect “coins”. This is a cool idea, but it’s far from anything I would consider fun just yet. Check out the photo gallery for some preliminary photos.

Not quite the real thing, but this replica Batmobile (from the first Batman movie) is close enough to be somewhat cool. The front headlights are wrong and the hatch to get into the Batmobile is nonexistent. But who cares because this thing driving down the street is unique in itself.
For an even better replica, see this Back To The Future DeLorean for bid on eBay from yesterday’s post. *UPDATE: the bid has been removed, but last I checked it was over $45,000. I wonder why it was cancelled by eBay.

This is the best working color wheel picker I’ve come across online. I like how it instantly shows you results and changes. No more opening Photoshop just to get some random hex code.

Check out The Dumpster, a collection of romantic breakups from the web in 2005. These random visual statistics graphs really are cool.

Whee, Pimp My Model. I’m posting this because I think this Asian girl in it is extremely generic, but also because it’s a pretty decent spoof of the show (Pimp My Ride). Funny thing is, I know one person who could probably be of use to this service if it really existed.

kilroy travels ad

This brilliant ad for Kilroy Travels (shown above) is an awesome outdoors visual for people to get going to Antarctica. Makes me want to go to Antarctica.