I couldn’t resist the urge to search for ‘juggernaut’ on thebeststuffintheworld.com. Turns out though that I’m not the only person who thinks that the Juggernaut is pretty awesome.
See also: the first definition for ‘juggernaut’ on the Urban Dictionary. Yikes.

The trailer for Pixar’s 8th animated film, Ratatoille is out! Remember, Disney bought Pixar at the beginning of this year.
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Anybody want to go see Cars? I forget if I’m gonna attempt to fit this in on another Joyce/Herman movie-hopping day. Err, Joyce get back to me on Superman, etc.
See also: A Route 66 Guide to the “Cars” movie. I had no idea that so much research went into the design of the objects and characters in the movie. I really want to go see it now.

I’ve always liked dpreview’s reviews of cameras and equipment. They have a nice format to their reviews and they are always accompanied by pretty hi-res photos of the product. Here’s their review of the Sony Alpha dSLR-A100. Their lens/accessories page for the A100 made me think about how the Canon L lenses, with the thin solid red line, really make all the difference in the world. The white lenses offered for the A100 look similar to the L-series, but that red line that’s missing makes it look so plasticy and bland. Err, I’m probably just babbling.
See also: Canon EF lenses

Speaking of cameras, I had no idea that Samsung made the largest LCD on a production camera. Check out the review of the Samsung Pro815. Then check out this ginormous LCD screen that it comes with. I think ALL cameras should have LCD screens that big. Baterry technology is good enough to maintain that type of power consumption, right? I sure hope so!
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Oh my gosh, this is proof that black is the new white. Black toilet paper!
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The latest Citi Identity Theft Solutions TV commercials are hilarious. I think they work really well and the voice-overs are just great.
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Congratulations Alberta, you are the first (of a probable many) named storm of the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season! Time to throw a party!
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Part of the Teen LIGHT group walked the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday to raise money for the trip to Creation Festival EAST 2006 (on which I am a chaperone–HAHAHAHA–this should be fun again!). My sister Emily posted her pictures on Facebook with the note to check out the unusually blue sky and white clouds. Seriously, take a look at them. They are so vibrant! Quite nice. :)
See also: Creation Festival EAST 2006, THE PROGRAM FOR CREATION IS AVAILABLE! Holy crap! :D

In terms of camera equipment, I think I’m going to buy a Canon 28-135mm IS USM lens. If anyone thinks this is an incredibly bad idea, please, let me know before I do something stupid.
See also: Canon EF lens lineup [PDF]

Looks like the real world is starting to collide with the virtual world–employers are doing background checks on potentials by surfing over to sites like MySpace and Facebook. Fantastic! Yum!

Many career counselors have been urging students to review their pages on Facebook and other sites with fresh eyes, removing photographs or text that may be inappropriate to show to their grandmother or potential employers. Counselors are also encouraging students to apply settings on Facebook that can significantly limit access to their pages.

I start @ the Puma Showroom on Monday. I wonder if they’ve already done this type of background check on me. I think it’d be funny if they did and they found this website and just the other random things you can find if you search for “herman yung” or “doobybrain“. I can imagine their faces. In any case, the email address I gave them for contact purposes is the @doobybrain.com one, so if they were really tech savvy, they would have found me already. In any case, HELLO PUMA SHOWROOM if you are reading this! :)
I remember last year, at my interview with Mighty Map, my boss surfed over to my webpage DURING my interview. That was such a funny day.
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