Oh my gosh, you might want to die after you begin watching this video of Connie Chung doing a parady of herself after her show, Weekends with Maury and Connie, flopped and was cancelled. This is like the worst singing ever and it really hurts my ears. Paraody or not, this video is very embarassing to her and to me. I swear, the media makes Asian people looks stupid all the time (and Asian people who make it to TV always make Asians look stupid). [via]

These two girls lip-synced to the Black Eye Peas‘ hit single, Pump It, and then sped up the recording. It’s kinda pointless but funny to watch them do everything fast. The girl on the right looks like Kirsten Dunst. Gross.
There’s a possibility this video might be pulled since the RIAA is hunting down folks who post videos with copyrighted music in it. But until then, enjoy!