There’s a downside to not checking your own blog for an entire week. Why? Well, because I am an idiot and did not push the PUBLISH button on this blog post, so for the whole week, I thought this post was public, but really, it was just sitting in the drafts folder.
So here’s the original post, below, that should have been posted on early Sunday morning…

Yeah I know, the past few entries have been ‘personal’ entries. Where are the regular links you ask? Well, they’re backed up at the moment as I’m getting prepared to guest blog for JustJared (next week) and trying to let my body heal from various diseases and/or sicknesses.

In the meantime, posting personal entries are just that much easier and interesting to me. So until I get fully better, I’ll just keep posting personal entries. Sorry if these bore some of you. I guess these are the perks of running my own blog and having nobody else to fight over content with. :P


So I just wanted to throw a few proper thank-you’s in bullet-point form to:

  • TiffWong – for throwing a fun potluck last Saturday and helping me paint my room red.
  • Pam Pam Pam! and Pamela-ma-ding-dong – for letting me drive to SI and just letting me kill some time with you (and kill you with my fantastic humor. You know.).
  • Sook and Mike – thanks for driving us and hanging out at the apartment. Afghani man never fails!
  • Josh from PA – Good to meet you and hang out for a bit. Always welcome back to play with Joey. He can hump you some more if you’d like.
  • Yelena – Always willing to do anything or nothing. And marrying my iPod…both of them, right? Sick!
  • Joyce – Hmm, what’s to say that hasn’t already been mentioned? I think everybody may be sick of me writing about you. But definitely the best week of the summer so far (probably ever for this summer).

Ok, remember, I won’t be here for the next week as I will be over at filling in as much gossip as I can find. Yikes! Have fun!