My goodness, it is hot.

10000 pushups

My goodness, 10,000 pushups in a little over 3 hours at the age of 6 is incredible. Actually, anybody who can do 10,000 pushups must be Superman. I just have a hard time believing that Superman is so tiny!

Lu Di, 6, flexes his muscles as other students watch at a kungfu school in Songshan, central China’s Henan Province July 26, 2006. According to the school’s president Shi Yongdi, Lu did 10,000 push-ups in three hours and twenty minutes on July 22, 2006. Shi said the school was waiving his tuition for ten years due to his outstanding performance, China Daily reported. Picture taken July 26, 2006. CHINA OUT REUTERS/China Daily (CHINA)


Little Miss Sunshine, one of the movies I really want to watch, is getting some really good reviews. See the Little Miss Sunshine review on metacritic.

Like every week, there are new secrets.

I like Cafe Metro.

Meebo is fantastic. I don’t think I’ll ever use the AIM program again. Google Talk me. [via]

I’ve always wondered what RSVP meant. Now I know.

Well well, Keira Knightley has boobies and a tan–in the US only.

I love the idea behind this World Time Clock. You just flip the clock onto one of the 12 sides to see the time it is in a different part of the world. Each side corresponds to a specific time zone. With this, all of your time zones will be shown on one face. But how do you manage all 12 without going through memory?! The clock comes in black, red, stainless steel, and a nifty travel size edition. Thanks Joyce for this.

HAHA! Turning a WiFi freeloader’s internet completely upside down sounds so fun! I just wish I knew what I was doing if I were to do this. I wonder if Norman knows what this thing is talking about.

Business Week online has a neat little feature on the top 100 global brands. Check out the top 100 global brands slideshow. Also look at their special feature on the web’s most viral ads. If it wasn’t just looking at viral advertisements, I could easily think of so many more videos that have been huge internet phenomenons. Maybe I’ll make a small post about my favorite internet viral videos tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

This is absolutely fantastic. The CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, the production company responsible for hiring Lindsay Lohan for the movie, Georgie Rule, has written a hilarious letter to Lindsay Lohan basically telling her that she should get her act together and start showing up for work instead of heading out late at night to go party.
See: People, E! on Yahoo! News, and ABC.

I don’t write much about celebrities here, but I just had to put this out there: Haley Joel Osment is old! Oh yeah, and he got into a car accident…driving his 1995 Saturn. WTH.

Man, I am tired. And there are SOOO many things on my mind. 8O