This entry is going to be SOOOO scattered because it was written across the span of 3 days. Wow, be prepared for something that won’t make any chronological sense whatsoever.

Movies I’d like to see:

I might make a page for this.

WHAT?! I had no idea WinXP had a native way to rename multiple files in one sitting! I won’t need this tip since I use A.F.5, but it’s still good to know just in case! This is cool!

My DETAILS magazine subscription started coming in — FINALLY. My gosh, it took a while. I got my August issue, but what I’m really waiting for is the April 2006 backorder issue that I ordered. It’s got something in it that I want to look at. Otherwise, the magazine is just a good bathroom read. Come over and use my toilet if you want to read it.

Make your own map of visited states.

Make your own map of visited countries of the world.

Man…I really have not been anywhere!

CRAZY! But also notice how in Wichita, Kansas, there is nothing else there except roads and cars and tiny buildings in the background. But wow, I have nothing else to say. If I were the reporter, I would have cried.

AWESOME! Thanks Gizmodo.

Heh, it turns out that a tornado really did hit in NY yesterday. But it was in Massapequa, Long Island.

Every weekend until the opening of Uniqlo’s flagship store in SoHo, NY (October 2006), Uniqlo will be dropping what they call “container stores” into NYC neighborhoods. Each container store will look like a truck trailer and be fitted with clothing tailored to each location. This whole thing sounds like a pretty big operation, and with the closing and opening of various smaller stores in NY, I keep wondering how Uniqlo keeps itself afloat. Still, they’re a pretty cool company.

How wide can lens apertures get?! Canon has released the EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Lens! This baby is going to cost a whopping 2 grand or more. Yep, all for a nice, crisp, fixed lens. Wow!

Maybe I’m just slow, but it turns out that Gizmodo also had actual pictures of the pink PSP unit. Nice. Err, JUST KIDDING. UG-A-LY!

Fran (above at last night’s graduation sendoff) said something like this that night: “No comments from the peanut gallery!” That got me and Jane thinking about what the term peanut gallery really meant, because I’ve heard it before, but I never really knew what it was used for. Now I know, thanks to Wikipedia — the best pop-culture, random info, site on the net.
The term really makes me think of “nosebleed seats” or “nosebleed section” of a stadium.

Look what I saw with Yelena on Friday night after watching Ted Leo perform at Seaport! I came across a store on Worth St and West Broadway that sold neat toys like Automoblox (the store is called Boomerang Toys)!
We ended the night with dinner at Mary Ann’s Chelsea Mexican restuarant downtown near Stuyvesant (can somebody tell me what is up with Stuy’s logo on their website?!??!??!?!?!). I’ve eaten there before and I personally like the place, despite the mediocre reviews it gets on Yelp (then again, the number of people reviewing it are so low that I wouldn’t even go by those ratings anyway). It’s simple Mexican food and it’s quick.

You know what I’m worried about? I haven’t taken one serious photo this entire summer — and I’ve loved it! And now I’m about to start school in about a week where I will probably be taking serious photos forever. That’s what I’m thinking about!