I saw Crank (IMDB page) last night with Mike, Mike, Mike, (yes, there were three — remind me NOT to name my child Mike) Jullian, and Sal (?) last night. The movie was very entertaining. It’s definitely an action-packed movie, so don’t go in expecting to see anything meaningful (because you’ll be extremely disappointed). It’s really fun to watch though, and it’s got funny parts all throughout the flick. Most critics were quite mixed in their reviews of this film (it wasn’t rated high nor was it rated low), but viewers seemed quite satisfied and I do agree. On a 10-point scale, I’d give Crank a good 7 or even 8.
If you’re into quirky movie filming, then Crank is really something you should check out. So much about the film reminded me of a good mix between a Guy Ritchie film (Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), a Danny Boyle film (Millions, 28 Days Later, Trainspotting), and maybe Fight Club.

Ernesto really isn’t making NYC any more inviting to all the fresh fish who are coming in for college. We’re getting so much rain from this storm! When will it all calm down? It definitely looks like Tuesday is going to be a dreary first day of school for New Yorkers.

Engadget has some hands-on photos of the Sony Mylo. Looks cool I guess, but it’s got a hefty price of about $350 (or possibly more).

By the way, the Sony website is actually pretty neat. I like it.

If you’re familiar with the hot-or-not (and all the similar) voting websites for people, you’ll find a good laugh at bomb-or-not, a stab at the efforts of the TSA in trying to identify items that might or might not be a bomb. [via]

YouTube, the internet video behemoth, has launched a portion of their video service targeted at colleges and universities. I personally think it’s kinda of pointless, since the huge success of YouTube survives on the fact that everybody anywhere can see any video at any time. And now that YouTube is starting these college groups, these videos will only be allowed to be viewed by students who have an associated “.edu” email address for that school. Not every school is there yet, but I’m sure the list of schools will expand quickly.

I’ve tried jumping on a pogo stick before and I’ll just say that it’s not the easiest thing to do in the world. So I’m pretty amazed that you can actually do tricks and flips while being on it.

The PSP’s 2.71 firmware has been officially hacked and can now be brought back to firmware version 1.5!
If you’re like me however, and have kept your PSP at firmware 1.5 to use hacks/homebrew, then you should try out DevHook, which emulates PSP firmware on PSP units with 1.5 firmware. Yeah, it’s all a bit complicated, but if you download the automatic installers (the one I used can be downloaded from here), the process is just as slick as ice and everything is done for you. It really works wonderfully. Thanks Dan for the heads up!

Now I can enjoy my PSP with all the fantastic wifi capabilities of new firmware — like internet, RSS feeds, etc. — while still running 1.5 firmware!

I’m on a wireless connection with my PSP, browsing the PSP mini site.

Of course, I had to see what Doobybrain.com looked like. I’ve done this before, but it feels more official now that I’m doing it on “2.71 firmware”.

The Nintendo DS Lite didn’t come with a case, so I’ve been using the neoprene-ish case that came with my PSP as a DS Lite case. Who knew that such a path was so popular. So much so that using your PSP case as a DS Lite case has been dubbed “gaming’s oreo” (at least, as long as you have a white DS Lite). It’s a cheap and easy solution for me, so it just felt like a no-brainer. I’ll probably keep using it this way until I get enough money to put crystals on my DS Lite.
More crystal goodness can be found and seen here. Pretty ridiculous.

This Monza Leather Single Fold Wallet is pretty nice. But heck no for $80.

There’s some new video footage of Spore gameplay. I’m really psyched for Spore to come out. It looks like the best of every single game genre in one fantastic package!

When I shop online, I ususally use PriceGrabber to quickly check the lowest prices offered on the web. Lately, along with PriceGrabber, I’ve also been making use of Mpire, a website that also tracks down the lowest prices for items on eBay, Amazon.com, Yahoo! Shopping, Craigslist, and Overstock. When you search with Mpire, you are also shown a 30-day price trend (which, I think, is useful) and an average shipping price (which should help you gauge how much YOU should be paying for shipping). Overall, using both PriceGrabber and Mpire is a smart move.Conan O’Brien plays some 1864 baseball. It’s a pretty funny sketch. :)

Remember, if you want to buy me a random gift, this would be good. And so would this. Both of them together would be lovely!!! :)