OMG! It’s Wednesday which means that there’s only a couple of more hours until that glorious day we Americans call Thanksgiving (other Thanksgivings fall on different dates of the year)! With that said, you can bet your blossoming bottoms that I have been thinking about things that I’ve been thankful for lately. I’ve also been thinking about a lot of things that I’ve not been thankful for too. Mostly however, I’m just glad that people I love are back home again. NYC is starting to look beautiful for Winter and the upcoming holiday season. :)

So I hear random reports that the new apartment (yeah, you remember that, right?) is finished already. I have no idea why we haven’t moved in yet. I haven’t gone over to check lately either (at least not since Melanie and I shot up the place with yellow bullets and orange guns). I guess we haven’t done any moving yet because it’s Thanksgiving weekend and none of us really want to do any moving these next few days.

Plus, my cousin Connie’s wedding is on Saturday so none of us really want to move knowing that we should be “getting prepped” for a wedding. Ok, maybe that’s not true, but I tend to think along those lines. Who wants to move when there’s a wedding coming up? NOT ME!

I think a Sub-Zero refrigerator would make our kitchen wonderful. The new PRO 48 wouldn’t be bad. :P

Speaking of weddings, Daniel Park’s wedding last Saturday was SUPER GREAT! For the first time ever, I let the DV cam take the place of my SLR camera and shot the wedding in moving video footage instead of still shots. It was definitely more engaging and fun compared to shooting photos. I’m still editing the footage at the moment, but for those that are curious, the video should be done in the next few days–especially now that I have so much time off from school and class to work on it. :)

I really like doing video.

I drive a Honda Pilot which, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), is rated as one of the top vehicles (in terms of safety) gracing the roads today. This information comes just a day after the IIHS released a report saying that American cars are pretty much retarded on the road (my interpretation) because of a lack of a certain technology called electronic stability control. I’m glad I drive a Honda!…because they make motors for just about everything–airplanes, jets, boats, motorcycles, lawn equipment, vehicles, generators, pumps, robots…I could go on and on…

Look who I saw the other night with Ashley! It’s Cassie! I haven’t seen this girl in like…a bazillion years and you should have seen me ride the bike when Ash told me she was around. I was blazing through the city streets like never before! Oh yeah, I had a mighty fine talk with her dad in the elevator too! Hahaha!!

Thanks Jane for this Superman Theme Song video! Fantastic!

Did you know that Google Calendar has keyboard shortcuts?

Ok, probably no update tomorrow. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!