Hello folks! Did you miss me? I’m back after 5 days of taking over at Just Jared, making sure that his blog (and his readers) were happy and that as many celebrities as I could handle were conveniently covered! [Thanks for the random encouragement during the week Ashley!] It’s always fun to blog for Jared, even if it means that I have to sorta go out of my way to do extra “research” on certain celebrities since I’m not always 100% in-the-know with the gossip news. Regardless of that fact, I think I just like doing it. Plain and simple. :)

Here are some goodies I’ve been reading about for the past week:

The current odds of me actually getting a chance at buying a Nintendo Wii off of Amazon.com later today is 28:1. Those are pretty good odds if you ask me. If you’re confused, the Wii and the PS3 are part of Amazon.com’s special customer vote for their next online deal.

This video is going to be a waste of 15 minutes for a lot of you. But if you’re at all interested, here’s Funko, Norman, Simon and I fooling around in my room before the big move. It’s amazing that this was recorded with a compact digital camera. The funny parts are in the middle when the four of us start acting real dumb and counting off before the start of the songs (I do the world’s gayest count-off–don’t miss it). That was great!

This happened while I was away last week blogging on Just Jared, so I’ll just post it so I can look back at it later if I need to. But if you don’t already have a Flickr Pro account, you should seriously consider getting one, especially now that they’ve rolled out early Christmas presents for us all by giving Pro users unlimited uploads. Yep, that means you now have unlimited uploads and bandwidth for just $24.95 a year! You can also gift it too (which I think would be an awesome and very simple gift for anybody!).

This is the most awesome end-of-the-year video I’ve ever seen. JibJab rocks.

These Oakley Canteen sunglasses are just about the coolest sunglasses I’ve ever worn. Maybe I’ll buy them.

I’m falling in love with Indexed all over again.

This BMW ad is so clever. If you don’t find it at least mildly humorous, then you aren’t looking hard enough.
Also, take a look at these horribly offensive Lego ads.

New secrets came out on Sunday. Read up!

HEY HEY HEY! There’s a Wikipedia entry dedicated to the songs played on each episode of The Office (US). Cool, but it’s not like they play much music on that show anyway. It’s not that type of show to feature lots of music, and I think it works well that way.

The biggest cop-out ever: Time magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year is…You. Here’s the complete list of Time’s Person of the Year since the 1920′s.

The new apartment is finally done (look at those shiny floors!)! Gosh, it took a long time to get to this point. Anyway, we’ve started moving stuff in already. Packing my room away is sometimes depressing and sometimes a complete joy (and sometimes a LOLLERCOASTER — depending on what I find). I’ll do a post about some things I’ve come across soon. :P

Little Miss Sunshine comes out on DVD today! Go buy it! It’s probably one of my favorite movies this year. :)