Drop Dead Gorgeous is a photo series by Daniela Edburg that comments on our secret cravings and over-indulgences — specifically in terms of food — by “killing” off gorgeous, young, beautiful women.
Here’s an excerpt:

For anyone who has eaten the whole box, or bag, or carton the photographs in this series make light of our secret binges. Here, the consequences of indulgence are tabloid or monster movie deaths. Daniela Edburg’s Drop Dead Gorgeous both mocks and satisfies our cravings.

Why do food and beauty products have such a sinister effect on the women in your photographs?

I guess I am pretty compulsive. That which gives me pleasure one minute, causes guilt the next. I am surprised at how much I like the products I consume, but, if you stop for one second to think about it, it’s absurd. Yet, you can’t stop. [The work] is not a criticism it’s just an exaggeration of my own reality.

It’s a fantastic concept that’s really well done I think. Check out the rest of the photos in the article and then read about how she came about her idea for this photo project.

Heart-broken little Asian boy. [via]
Heh, Simon says the little boy in the video reminds him of me because when I was younger I had that same haircut and I used to roll on the floor when I got upset. I never gave flowers and gifts to girls at performances though. Had I known it would have given me this sort of Japanese fame, I probably would have started to though. ;)

Cover album art for Switchfoot’s new album Oh! Gravity. to be released December 26, 2006 (in a couple of days).

I had the opportunity to listen to Switchfoot’s new album Oh! Gravity. (yes, with the period at the end) and here are my initial thoughts:

  • “Oh! Gravity” and “Head Over Heals (In This Life)” are two catchy tunes.
  • Heh, track 11, entitled, “4:12″ is precisely 4 minutes and 12 seconds long.
  • Rocks harder than previous two mainstream albums
  • Didn’t love it the first time around.
  • Didn’t love it the second time around.
  • Didn’t love it the third time around.
  • I’m gonna give it some more time to sink in — maybe I’ll have my initial thoughts reversed!

You can pre-order the entire album from Amazon.com for $9.99.

Umm…I accidentally won this. :O

I really can’t believe Daniel Powter’s song, “Bad Day” is the #1 single on Billboard’s Top 100 singles of 2006. Nasty. Nasty. Nasty.

I haven’t had to use Google Maps lately so I don’t know exactly when they rolled out the new “add destination” feature to their Google Maps directions, but dang is it cool. You can specify which route you want Google Maps to take now by adding a “mid-point” or “in-between” destination in the middle of your starting and ending points. It’s a very useful (and I’m assuming often looked-over) feature so do check it out.
And is Yahoo! Local Maps trying to kill itself with all of those ads and product/service tie-ins??? And wow, their satellite imagery is THE SUX. One thing that’s good though is that I think their flash interface loads faster than Google’s type of pages. Then again though, Yahoo!’s zooming feature sucks big ones. Like, it’s VERY BAD and dizzying. Bleh.

Photo Credit: “Aftermath” by Bluejake

From the site:

By now, of course, the walls are a visual riot; most pieces have been crossed out, some multiple times. This is not the collaboration that usually marks streetart– this is hardcore crossing-out, which is graffiti’s version of rape.

Why doesn’t this stuff happen to all graffiti walls? Simple: there are costs assigned to using the walls. First, there is the obvious danger of getting caught, and arrested. A very real cost that prevents most people from going up. Second, there is the time involved– you’ve got to come out late at night, and that discourages still more people. Finally, because everyone recognizes these costs, people don’t disrespect work as much. They understand that each piece has a lot of value– that each piece was created at real cost to the artist. None of that was true here– and that’s why you’re looking at this mess.

I seriously thought about this when I first saw the 11 Spring St. project with my own eyes. I used to walk and pass by the building on 11 Spring Street all the time before the project took place and I always recalled that the walls were never empty. They were always full of artists’ work (both good and bad) and the walls’ larger works were like permanent staples on that corner. The smaller works and “newer” artists were subject to vandalism by other groups (for whatever reason).
Anyway, when I first saw the 11 Spring St project unfold, I immediately thought, “What about the artists who had taken their time to put stuff up there first? Would they just be covered up by this project and de-faced in front of the entire NYC?” I couldn’t believe that something like this was happening. Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely excited for the 11 Spring St project to go live because of the artists and the work I’d be seeing personally, but I couldn’t help but think that it’d be a great disrespect for the people who already “owned” the outside of the building with their work. It was as if other artists were being commissioned and asked to take another artist’s work down (so to speak).
I think Jake says it and explains it much better than I do, so be sure to read his opinion on it. Well said, Jake.

Oh yeah, and I totally forgot to post the new FULL trailer to the upcoming Transformers movie. With Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg on board, this movie should be a pretty decent action flick. I just hope they don’t F it up. The film comes out July 4, 2007.