Hello folks! I am extremely tired but also an extremely happy little boy! Why? Because today, I am the proud owner of a brand-new Nintendo Wii, courtesy of my cousin, Tony!

Tony and I woke up real early this morning and headed over to the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center to line up for a chance to snag a Wii at 9AM. Brenda (his wife) drove us to the store and dropped us off at around 5:30AM (we arrived later than expected). We took the lawn chairs out of the trunk and totally just made the place in line our own.

With DS Lite units in hand, Tony and I managed to kill about 4 hours worth of cold-sitting/standing while playing games like Big Brain Academy and Tetris. It was great!

This was the line. We arrived at 5:30AM and stood at about the 34th and 35th place in line. Not too bad, but we got scared at first because we heard they only get about 25 shipments in each day. Then we knocked some sense into ourselves and realized that there were lots of FAMILIES in line and probably not buying a separate Wii for each of their children.

We weren’t very far from the entrance to Nintendo World. The building that ends with the glass windows is where the entrance is. So we were pretty close.

This is how excited (and tired-looking) Tony and I were after we received our official ticket to claim our individual Wii consoles! Yay!!!! SUPER HAPPY!

Right before we were let in, there was a guard at the door making sure no idiots were bum-rushing the place. He also made a great obstacle to cross as we were leaving the place because for some reason, he locked the other door and didn’t want to budge from his position IN FRONT of the other door. Err…but we squeezed passed and so did everybody else (unless they were fat).

My Nintendo Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also made a pit stop at his office down the block at JP Morgan to use the bathroom. That’s why you’re all of a sudden seeing an office space.

The Wii console package comes with Wii Sports, but since ALL of the accessories were sold out, I just decided to buy two more games instead (Excite Truck & Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2). I have no idea how fun or how good these games are, but the titles were familiar to me, so I went with my gut instinct. Mmm!


Whew! What a wonderful day!