Holy crap.

I’m looking at Valentine’s Day flower packages online and companies like 1-800-Flowers, Pro Flowers, and FTD really make a killing on these things! I understand that the high prices are usually a result of the additional vase, but it’s not like the vases are even remotely attractive (nor do the vases ever compliment the look of the flowers you are purchasing).

For about $150, you can buy Three Days of Affection which doesn’t actually sound too shabby if you can forget the fact that you’re putting a $150 on three days’ worth of stuff that will die, get eaten, and then get pooped out (but alas, the same goes for many things). Gosh, things pretty don’t stay that way, huh. :P
Ambitious: $250 for A Week of Romance (in actuality, only 5 days — boo).

Haha, oh my goodness. In my opinion, with the exception of just a select few, anything under $50 is friggin’ ugly! By God please don’t buy a Sad Sam. Oh, and don’t buy an Ivyball Topiary unless the recipient’s name is Ivy (you know, so you can come off as being funny AND witty all at the same time). Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk…!

Hmm, chocolate sounds pretty tasty right about now (you can buy and send these too). Plus, they taste better than flowers.