I thought Lonely Planet was a stock photo website. I could swear that I used it once at work to get location photos for Good Housekeeping. Well, whatever. The site does have some pretty good local information depending on what place you’re looking up. Wow, that was a the worst sentence ever.

WIRED magazine recently put a revealing Jenna Fischer (Pam, from NBC’s The Office) on their cover. I think it looks great. If you don’t have the April issue, then JustJared has some photos to oogle.

Hahaha! The comments at SongMeanings.net for SexyBack by Justin Timberlake are really funny. The homophobe and Lance Bass references are great. And it’s funny when people are like what the heck does any of it mean? It sounds like techno-babble.

I post this same link every single week.

OMG! April 5th? I can’t wait that long! :O
I want to see what happens to Pam and Jim (and Roy too!).

Balls! Super fun. Balls! Super fun! Super fun!

Heh, The Daily Show does a segment on Viacom suing YouTube. They won’t let me embed the video, so you’ll have to travel on over to iFilm to watch it. GAY.

Watching old people really enjoy their video games is kinda funny (video link is somewhere on the news page — find it). But yeah, the Wii is awesome and I’m not even old. :)
[Oh my gosh, that's the second worst sentence I've written in this post]

Here’s Mat Kearney doing an acoustic rendition of Nothing Left To Lose, from his AOL Music sessions.

I really want to watch Knocked Up, The Invisible, and Sunshine. I still have yet to see 300, TMNT, and Shooter, which all came out rather recently.

I’ve played with some of Reactrix’s interactive projection displays before and I can tell you that they’re really neat. There’s no doubt that this dog in the video is thinking the same thing.

Wow, this makes me laugh and cry all at once. Click on the pictures to view the Bushisms/quotes.

Oooo! Here’s how to make fresh marshmallow Peeps. You’re gonna need lots of sugar and eggs. Yikes. Peeps are so delicious, but if I eat too many I feel like I want to throw up.

LEMMINGS! Sorta. Well, a cheap imitation at best. But still fun.

This is so weird. Just the other day I finished watching Fast Food Nation which partly talks about a fictitious fast-food chain called “Mickey’s” that had developed an irresistible new burger called “The Big One”. And now I just read about McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder burger a so-called “Big One” in disguise. Is this just life following after movies?
[Man, I really can't formulate my sentences today]

ROFLMAO! The last part of this video is really funny. LOLLERSKATES!!
By the way, you should check out Virb. It’s like a glorified version of PureVolume and YouTube, with a hint of Last.fm. Ok, I really don’t know what I’m saying…