Sometimes I wonder how I ever surfed the internet without tabbed browsers. The other day I was on a public computer and just for fun, I decided to only use Internet Explorer. I wanted to see what it was like. Plus, I was bored. Anyway, it was horrible. I’m never doing that for fun again.

Here is the Baker’s Edge, a unique baking pan that gives every piece a piece of the edge. For you edge-lovers out there who like it crisp and crunchy, this should excite you enough to go out and buy one. Especially since it’s $34. [via] carries the Baker’s Edge and so does The Brooklyn Kitchen.
This is such a wonderful invention and idea. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen anything like it until now.

Wow, talk about paranoia and conspiracy theory! Just because a company gets big on a great idea doesn’t mean that they are out to get us. I mean, sure it could happen. But does it ever get as crazy as these videos say it does? Probably not. Or who knows, maybe I’m living in that “protected bubble” of information, where I just think everything is good for me if taken sparingly. Yum. Give me more, please.
Anyway, I think the message in the video is insane, but I love how it looks.

OMG. DREAM COME TRUE. THERE IS A SHORTCUT BUTTON FOR ‘DELETE’ IN GMAIL!If that wasn’t enough for you, you can go to for more. Or maybe try

WhatShouldISay is a website that gives you advice on what to say and when and where to say it. It’s actually quite clever, I think. Some of the questions are funny, while some are very serious. Then there are some that are just ridiculous. In any case, the site is fun to browse around.

ROFLCOPTER: Have you had enough of the 300 hype yet? No? Well, how about now? I, for one, still want to catch this movie at IMAX.

Starting today, if you come over to the apartment, you might be asked to subject yourself to a photo similar to the one above. Just warning you. So if you don’t want to be in a photo, don’t come over. Unless you’re really ugly. If you’re really ugly I probably won’t ask you to be in a photo, so you have no worries. :P