I’m back from my short visit to Florida for the weekend! I’ll update more on that later.

There are some people who want to save the Moondance Diner from extinction by moving the entire place to a new location and continuing the business there. The place where the Moondance Diner currently resides is going to be turned into condominiums soon.

Yes, this still got updated even though I wasn’t here this past weekend. See!

Paul Sakuma/Associated Press
Man, if you think California’s traffic problems are big, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
More photos from the SF Gate.

I forgot where this came from, but this is a funny little take on Wikipedia.

Forget Glysomed hand lotion. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is what’s up. Doobybrain.com fully endorses this product and it’s uses.

The Real Hustle – Pick Pocket (aka “The Phantom Wallet”)

I’ve been watching segments of The Real Hustle, a BBC Three program, on YouTube lately. The entire show centers around how the hosts can manipulate the public and trick them into huge scams often without the persons knowing what they have done or what they have gotten themselves into. It’s an interesting look at how what a lot of what we may think is “normal” procedure might not be. In fact, it might all be a scam meant to rob us of our trust entirely. It’s a great show though and it does teach you to be a bit more aware of your surroundings. :)

Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger on Vimeo
This is awesome. Best lip-syncing video ever.

New secrets, suckas.

A few weeks ago I submitted and applied for my new passport (so I can go to far-away places). Somehow along the way, I failed to realize that I might be getting one of those new RFID-enabled biometric passports. Unlike most people who are deathly afraid of these new biometric passports, I for one am kinda excited about receiving one. I already love the idea walking into my work [at Hearst] without having to flash or show ID–I just walk through this detector and it receives a signal from my ID badge and I’m through! I’m hoping that, in some way, the new passport will work like that. I think that’ll be so cool (I think of it as an EZ-Pass for personal travel).
Anyway, the new and very patriotic-looking passports have some people on the edge about it.

Professional designers shown the passport to critique mentioned art as well.

“It is like being given a coloring book that your brother already colored in,” said Michael Bierut, of the design firm Pentagram in New York City. A passport, not unlike a scrapbook, gets its allure from gradually accruing exotic stamps, with the blank pages holding the promise of future adventure, he and other designers said. But they find that the new jumble of pictures detracts from that.

“There is also something a little coercive about a functional object serving as a civics lesson, even a fairly low-grade civics lesson,” Mr. Bierut said.

“It seems to represent an idealized version of a country that is far from ideal right now,” she said, adding that the most positive thing was that at least the images embedded over her photograph hid some wrinkles.

Read the rest of the initial reactions at the New York Times.

I WANT TO GO HERE AND SEE DINNY THE DINOSAUR. I’ve wanted to go here ever since watching The Wizard.

The end.