I needed this long list of online photo apps. Especially the part with the online photo editors — good for when somebody doesn’t have Photoshop installed.

OK JUST KIDDING: Astroland isn’t saved just yet. By the way, the Cyclone turned 80.

Haha! Two things: First, the guy can’t say “loo-mines”; second, the PSP firmware has been hacked for ALL versions up until 3.50.


I also thought this Manhattan Mini Storage ad along the West Side Highway was a bit too much. I saw it the other day and I was like “Wow, I can’t believe they actually put that up.” Stupid agency.

How far can you go in your car once the gas light has turned on? Drivers of the Honda Pilot are reporting that you can go an average of 50 miles more before your gas tank goes completely empty and you’re left stranded trying to figure out why you kept driving in the first place… :)

WTF! Where are the Terminators?! This video of dancing Sony robots is old, but it’s the first time I’m seeing it.

Here are Sunday’s secrets. Frank Warren’s next Post Secret book, A Lifetime of Secrets, is now available for pre-order. Yay!

OMG! The PATH train transit hub structure that had such a large presence at the foot of the former WTC towers is completely gone! Here is a photo of the PATH entrance at night from Wikipedia and here is the render of the proposed Santiago Calatrava building that is to replace it. I shouldn’t be all that susprised since I knew that PATH train station entrance was only temporary, but still, it’s weird to know that it’s completely gone now after being such a large part of lower Manhattan since 9/11.

The Brooklyn Waterfront is on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of the 11 most endangered places 2007.