Welcome to Kid Nation!

CBS is premiering a new TV series called Kid Nation on Wednesday, September 19 that aims to see if kids can build a better society than adults. The premise of the show is that 40 kids, age 8 to 15, will take over the governing of Bonanza City, New Mexico for 40 days. They will need to set rules, settle disputes, run an economy, and make sure that Bonanza City does not see the same fate it did with its forefathers — FAILURE.

Watching the promo above just made me laugh so hard. I’m not putting the kids down. I mean, they certainly try very hard, but seeing them act all grown-up and everything just makes me laugh. They take it all so seriously and they seem so intense about everything. SOMEBODY TELL THEM THAT THIS IS REALITY TELEVISION! C’mon, just watch them fight and bicker at each other — INSTANT COMEDY GOLD!!!!!

It’s funny that the reason this show is even on TV is so that kids can prove to adults that they can do everything an adult can. Little do they know that the reason why this might be a huge success is not because of people rooting for them, but probably more because of the sheer insane amount of adults (like myself) who will tune in to hopefully watch these kids fail, beat each other up, and make a fool of each other on national television. Basically, humiliation at its peak.

I dunno…why can’t kids just be kids? These 40 children are totally fooling themselves into thinking they want to be adults.