Just reminding everybody that registrations for Demonoid are currently still OPEN.

Also…Mae’s upcoming album Singularity is…somewhere online. There are about 9 more days before it gets officially released.

LOL. Something about reading how Dateline NBC’s plans to go undercover at DefCon became foiled makes me laugh. Hahaha. Those hackers at DefCon are too good, even for real life!

Ha! Finally! Flickr should be adding video uploads to their site soon. I’ll look forward to this addition. Almost all my photos are already on Flickr.

For those of you in New York, take note that Mute Math will be back in the city again on Thursday, October 18, 2007 at Irving Plaza!!! They are playing with special guest Eisley (honestly, when I last saw Eisley, they put me to sleep…literally). But yes, tickets for this Mute Math concert will start to go on sale on Monday, August 6th, so keep your fingers on your mouse to snag yourself a ticket!

Something about the Ford Focus here in Australia makes the Ford Focus in the US look like a sissy. The one here in Australia just looks meaner, tougher, and more fun to drive.

Oh yeah, Ford also has these odd Falcon half-pickup-half-sedan vehicles. They look absolutely weird! It’s like seeing a car with an identity crisis!

This Jack Spade Canal Street Wallet ($25) is super great! I want one! Unfortunately, it is currently sold out! :(