If you’ve been itching to send somebody flowers but just can’t get the money together to do so (BAD EXCUSE), then They’re Beautiful will be of some use to you.

They’re Beautiful is a place where you can send a bouquet of flowers to anybody you want, so long as they have a working email address. The thing that They’re Beautiful prides itself on is that each bouquet is unique and different than any other bouquet they’ve ever sent. If you believe them, this means that you can rest assured that your digital bouquet of flowers will be special. Now it’s only up to the recipient to see if that’s what he/she thinks as well. Think of it as a glorified e-card. Sorta.

Anyway, if you need to gather flowers quickly, give the site a spin. There are several different styles of bouquets to choose from. And just like in real life, the site has different flowers for different seasons (September 23, 2007 will see the launch of the Autumn flowers). Enjoy the flowers!