I just came back in from an awesome night out. But before I call it a night, I just had to post this crazy website that Joyce sent me via Priscilla.

It seems that it is true that if you don’t like one part of your body, you don’t really have to stick with it. This applies to many people who utilize cosmetic surgery so that they can enhance or minimize certain body features that they don’t particularly like. Of course, there is virtually no part of the human body that cannot be altered in some form — nipples and areolas included.

For $14.95, you can buy a pigment dye that will darken or lighten the area around your nipples and areola for up to one week without re-application!! Impressive, no?

You can even dye the the nipple and the areola different colors. This basically means that if you ever wanted rainbow-colored nips, then, well, your dream is now just a credit card purchase away!

The greatest news out of all this? If you decide to dye your nipples and your areolas, modern research and technology has allowed the color to not penetrate through to your clothes! That, I think, is the real selling point! Definitely.