Delirious – August 30th
Fact: August 30th is about a near-fatal accident that Delirious? lead singer, Martin Smith, had. During his recovery from it, the decision was made by the band to go full-time with their music. This song is about that life-changing event.

Every one of these 10 greatest robberies of all time would make a good movie I think.

Here’s the follow-up to the Kansas State University video that I posted earlier.

Man, the accident at the new Bank of America tower is scary! I used to ride my bike around there all the time!

A great Tampa Bay area ‘best of Craigslist’ post about the survival of the fittest M&M’s.

Here’s proof that my mom reads and comments on

Below are two Japanese commercials for Super Mario Galaxy. Man, this looks so fun!

Aw man! Here’s some sad news: Dave Douglas, Relient K’s drummer for the past 7 years, has decided to move on from the band to focus on other music projects. Here’s what the band said on their website:

After seven years of touring, recording, and rehearsing, Dave Douglas has decided to leave Relient K. His final show will be 12/29. As a part of Relient K, he has been an amazing drummer, singer, collaborator, and friend. Before Dave joined the band, we were plagued with drummer turnover. Although he was the fifth drummer in two years, the moment he joined was the first time we ever felt like a complete band. He will be missed on the stage and on the road, and we wish him all the best.

Man, Relient K owes a lot to Dave Douglas’ rhythmic abilities. He’ll be missed!

WHOO! Finally, Newsweek has its own site that isn’t a part of the MSNBC website.

Here’s a video of that life-saving tornado I wrote about previously.

Here is Sunday, Priscilla’s cat. On a leash. What to do, eh?

Thanks Yun!