Support our poops!

For $5, you can have your own poop magnet to stick on your car or refrigerator. The poop magnets are fashioned so that they resemble the ‘Support Our Troops’ awareness ribbons that you may have seen on many car bumpers and doors (the same ribbon design in varying colors is actually used to support many other causes as well).

For every ribbon bought, 50 cents will go to The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. And get this: If you buy two or more, shipping is free on your order. Buy more than 9 and you can get a 10th one for FREE. FREE POOP STICKERS FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

If you aren’t big on the magnetic poop ribbon, maybe you’d like a Support Our Poop button badge (from Prickie.composted about previously) for $2.99 each. There are tons of designs to choose from so you can be confident that the chances of you and somebody you know having the same poop will be minimal.

Support our poops and support a good cause!