Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call

u got it babe.

This is somewhat of a long read, but if you’re interested, here’s a general overview of how Facebook’s News Feed selects what is news and what isn’t.

Read this crazy story about identical twins that were separated at birth and reunited 35 years later!

The plastic bag may soon see an end in NYC.

Whoa. Scientists and researchers believe that HIV actually arrived much earlier than they initially thought. They think it arrived in 1969 from Haiti! This is more than 10 years earlier than previously thought.

This is an interesting read: How Google fights spam in Gmail. Of all of the web email services that I have accounts for, I get the most satisfaction from Gmail’s spam filters. All of the other email services out there pretty much suck in terms of filtering spam (Yahoo! Mail is one of the worst).

One of the fires in Southern California was started by a kid playing with matches. HE IS GROUNDED.

Ashley Olsen might be dating Lance Armstrong. That. Is. Gross.