Last night I went with Lauren to the Peter Combe concert at the Northcote Social Club. Lauren’s co-worker had an extra ticket to “give away”, and since Lauren is such a die-hard fan of Peter Combe, she decided to go again (she went the night before too). Instead of going it alone, she asked me if I wanted to come and of course I did. So we went.

For those who don’t know, Peter Combe is a legendary childrens’ singer/songwriter, performing dozens of his famous Australian kids’ hits over the past few decades. Combe is considered in some ways to be one of the forefathers of the genre in which he still plays to this very day.

Recently, he has gone on a tour called “Newspaper Mama Revival” and has played out to mostly sold-out shows of loyal fans from decades past. The people that attend are the adults who grew up as kids listening to his funny and silly songs.

In short, this Peter Combe concert was one of the most fun and overall happy concerts I’ve ever been to. Everybody in the room was smiling the whole time and thoroughly enjoying themselves as they sang in unison with Peter Combe to childhood favorites. And even though I didn’t grow up listening to Peter Combe’s music or his songs, I was quickly drawn in to the simple and silly lyrics backed by a very musically solid band. It was so much fun!

Click inside to see some photos from the concert! I also included some old videos…but honestly, they don’t do him any justice.

Peter at his guitar.

Me and Lauren fully enjoying ourselves at the concert. We were wearing newspaper hats because one of Peter Combe’s most famous songs is called “Newspaper Mama” and everyone just knows to bring along a newspaper hat. Fun fun fun! See the video below.

Newspaper Mama

Peter and his band even wore the hats that Lauren and I made for them! COOL! Unfortunately, Peter’s newspaper hat broke after a while because it was cheaply made…

Me and Peter Combe (very sweaty from finishing the set).

Toffee Apple

Visit Peter Combe’s Myspace page to keep up to date with his tour and band (and music).