The Rail Yards Blog, a blog by Friends of the High Line that focuses on the development of the 26.2 acres of land on Manhattan’s West Side has posted a great photo of the West Side Yards in the 1930′s.

A view looking Southwest at the working rail yards, taken shortly after the High Line was built (date and photographer unknown). Note the boxcars; the rail yards were originally used for freight, but are now used for Long Island Rail Road trains. The Miller Elevated Highway can also be seen, to the right.

That tallest building behind the rail yard (center of photograph) is still there and is now home to many Chelsea-based art studios. Some of my teachers work there and I’ve been inside that place a couple of times. I wonder what it was back then.

Also take note of New Jersey’s coastline along the Hudson River. There’s practically nothing there! How weird! Despite the economic downtime during the 1930′s, I think for maybe a couple of hours, it’d be fun to live in that time.

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