At about this time last year, Norman sent me a photo of a girl (via his friend) that he thought looked a lot like me. I was skeptical at first because honestly, who ever sees a person who they themselves think really looks like them? Not many, so I wasn’t expecting much. But when I opened the photo I was surprised to see…Dooby with boobies (yes, I know that by naming that post with such a ridiculous title that I’ve more or less thrown out the idea of ever meeting this person “normally”).

Anyway, today I hear of a photographer named Francois Brunelle that basically pairs strangers from all over the world together simply because they look alike. The series of photographs that he’s compiled and put together are called “I’m not a look-alike!” [via]

The photos I posted in last year’s post would have been perfect for this! Hahaha…!

You can see more of his work in this series here.

Francois Brunelle is currently still taking volunteers for future portraits in the “I’m not a look-alike” series (preferably if you already know or can contact the person who you think looks like you). So if you know somebody who looks like you and you want to be a part of his project, then submit your photos to him via his website.