For Christmas, Flo got me this really really really cool cup sealer/cover. It’s the simplest thing I’ve ever seen but it works wonders!

Basically, it’s this silicone circle with a little devilish knob at the top that acts as a suction cup for just about any standard cup size. Once you plop the cup cover over the opening, the suction is so strong that you can actually lift the cup up by the blue knob at the top.


It’s really one of the coolest things I own. There’s no effort at all in putting the cup cover on. You just literally place it at the opening of the cup and then you’re set. No extra pushing or squashing needed. It just automatically creates suction. AWESOME PRESENT.

Flo also got me these neat little black and white salt and pepper shakers that hug when you put them together. You can see those inside.




The Universal Cup Sealer is on Deal Extreme for $3 and the Huggy Table Salt and Pepper holders are on the same site for $4.45.