February 26, 1908

The New York Times just opened up TimesMachine, a true-to-print archive of The New York Times archives from Volume 1, Number 1 of The New-York Daily Times, on September 18, 1851, through The New York Times of December 30, 1922.

The website allows users to flip through the entire newspaper on any particular date in its original look and feel at publication.

Right now, the TimesMachine website shows a list of examples of infamous dates in history and their corresponding front pages. One of the links goes to a “100 years ago today” front page.

February 25, 2008

It’s interesting to note the differences of then vs now:

  • The NYT used to cost one cent. It costs $1.25 now.
  • No images/photos/illustrations 100 years ago
  • Text and type is tiny!
  • “All The News That’s Fit To Print” still in the same place
  • There was a period after the name of the newspaper back in 1908
  • No copyright mark/notice on the NYT front page 100 years ago
  • The letter “T” in the newspaper name has changed slightly over the years