You know, I never thought about that question until now. But when you picture a Narwhal, the idea of a unicorn existing doesn’t seem too far-fetched.


Narwhals, a species of whale that lives in the Arctic oceans, are seen in nature with horns/tusks growing out of their head. The exact use of the tusk is up for debate, but it’s possible that it’s used for either echolocation, poking through the arctic ice, or for dominance over other male Narwhals.

For many years, Narwhals have been hunted for their tusks. It is a source of life for the Inuit living in the Arctic (the tusks are sold for money and the blubber is a source of vitamin C).

When a Narwhal is shot and killed, it is beheaded.


More photos of UNICORNS IN THE WATER inside.



I just know that somewhere…there is a unicorn community galloping and prancing around and enjoying their excellent hiding skills. But one day…ONE DAY…they will be found!

Photos by Paul Nicklen