Remember those PUMA RS-100 Emergency Pack sneakers in fluorescent colors that I previously wrote about? Well, PUMA has just released two more colors in the Emergency Pack, this time in black and silver. Unlike the nasty fluorescent pair from before, the new black and silver colors are much more muted and worthy of wearing with normal clothes.

These two new colors feature 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material which causes the shoe to shine and glow when light hits it at certain angles.



I personally like the black one better. It’s times like these that I still wish I worked at PUMA. If I did, I’d try my best to score a pair of these.
If you want a pair, you can buy them online for $150+ USD: black & silver.

If you’re at all curious, I’ve included photos of my PUMA RS-100 Nightlife sneakers which also make use of 3M reflective material. Click inside to see those photos.





I miss wearing these shoes…