Dainese is one of the first major motorcycle makers to develop a wearable airbag system for motorcyclists. The airbag system is called the Dainese D-Air Racing and at its core, it serves the same purpose as a traditional airbag in a car does — it inflates in a fraction of a second when it senses a collision.

The Dainese D-Air Racing inflates from the driver’s shoulder area to protect mainly the upper torso and the head from hitting the ground. Dainese spent over 10 years of technology and R&D to develop this system that has already been activated in real-life situations.

D-Air Racing airbag stunt testing in Adria

During a Grand Prix race in Valencia, three racers — Simoncelli, Gorigi, and Ranseder — all fell off their bikes and were protected by the D-Air Racing airbag system. The D-Air Racing website has some photos of the three motorcyclists falling off of their bikes and having the airbag system deploy.

Marco Simoncelli

Michael Ranseder

Simone Giorgi