I swear that at some point in time when I first arrived in Australia last year, somebody told me that Oreo cookies do not exist in the country. Sure, Australians knew what the famous cookie treat was, but they only had imitation brands made from local Australian companies (tasted the same I guess). In other words, there was an Oreo cookie, but not the official Oreo.

And so like some other sweet treats that I was used to seeing in the US, I just assumed that the Oreo never crossed the ocean into Australia.

TODAY, I was shopping at Safeway and I saw a box of Oreos. I bought it. I go to this Safeway all the time, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen Oreo cookies stocked on the shelves. Anyway, there’s actually an Australian Oreo website, so I’m guessing that either the information I was told originally about Oreo cookies was wrong, or that Kraft starting selling Oreo cookies recently in Australia.