So in a little under 2 week’s time, I will be leaving the shores of Australia to go back home to New York City. It’s been incredibly awesome living in Melbourne for the past year, and I am very sad to see my time here end. Honestly, I’d love to stay for longer. But alas, New York City is home, and despite how much I love it here, home is where I’ll always want to go back to.

I’ll keep this post short so that I can write something really spectacular when I actually leave, but for now, just watch these commercials for Victoria tourism. They’re pretty cool, and if I wasn’t already here, I’d definitely want to come after watching one of these.

And here are some older ones.

There’s no sound in the one below, but it shows a part of Melbourne City that has disappeared during my time here. Very sad too, since that little corner of Melbourne was so beautifully decorated with graffiti.