This entire week I’ve had the privilege of watching NBC’s Today show in the morning at work. The morning hours aren’t very busy so I end up paying quite close attention to the TV when I really shoudn’t.

Anyway, this week was Miley week on the Today show. The teen superstar was scheduled to perform live on Friday morning, and because of this, every single episode of the Today show leading up to Friday hyped the performance to no end. They couldn’t stop talking about Miley.

Today show’s teen reporter Bailey Monte interviewed Miley Cyrus on July 23 and 24 and the questions couldn’t have seemed more awkward. But I won’t go into that. What I was really taken back by was the fact that Miley’s voice was so DEEP.

For a 15 year old, Miley sure has a very deep voice, and I can just imagine her as one of those old ladies who sound like they’ve smoked cigarettes for every single day of their lives.

Also, like I’ve said before, I really don’t understand why this girl is as famous as she is. Disney pumps one of these out every few years or so it seems.