The beautiful bicycles just keep rolling in! Here is the James Perse vintage-styled beach cruiser (in matte black) seen over at Gearfuse.

These bicycles are hand-built and extremely limited in number. It features coaster brakes, fat tires to traverse over sandy areas, and an extremely mean look that will make all other bikes on the road want to part the path in front of you. Just look at that matte black paint job! If you wanted to make a getaway in style, this is the bike you want.

Oh, and I know Batman already has that crazy motorcycle that comes flying out of the Tumbler, but I’d imagine that if Batman had a bicycle for his days off, then this would be it. Yum!

No word on pricing, but like all things from James Perse, expect it to be pricey.

PS: If black isn’t your thing, the bike also comes in orange, green, and white.