Aurumania, a Scandinavian bicycle company, has created a very limited edition track bike that is completely covered in 24-karat gold and decorated with 600 Swarovski crystals. It is quite possibly one of the most expensive bikes in existence, worth a grand total of almost $117,000. The exclusive bike company includes a 10-year no-questions-asked guarantee should you somehow mess this baby up while you show it off to your less than rich friends.

And hey, since you’re buying such an expensive bike, the company might as well deliver it personally to you anywhere on the planet with white-glove service. Oh, they do. Wow. Maybe, just maybe, this bike is worth the huge price tag.

If for whatever reason you cannot afford this beautiful bike, maybe you might be able to afford the lesser non-crystallized version. Still decked out in gold, the standard Aurumania gold track bike is only just over $30,500. The company also sells a gold-plated wall-mount for your bike so that you can keep it out of reach of poor, oily fingers. However, the bike rack will cost you over $7300, which alone is enough to get you several very, very, very nice non-gold, non-crystallized bicycles. It’s your money though, so do what you want with it.