This week, I closed my account at Citibank. I feel so good! That was pretty much the worst bank ever.


Why does Melbourne have the most awesome architecture in all of the world?
And here’s a list of beautiful boutique hotels in Australia (some of which are located in Melbourne).

Where is your username registered? [via]

Google Maps now has NYC Transit information built-in. There’s almost no use for HopStop anymore.

New York City will see more of the Summer Streets program next summer. TOTALLY AWESOME.

IntenseDebate recently got acquired by Automattic, the parent company that oversees the development of WordPress. If IntenseDebtate makes it into WordPress 2.7, oh man, it’s going to make commenting so much easier and better.

Alife is opening another shop directly across the street from their current flagship on the LES. The new store will cater to the urban sportswear crowd.

Jay Z – Can I Get A…