I’ve been eyeing this New Balance x DDC Lab sneaker collaboration for a while now and finally NiceKicks has some decent photos to show of the shoe.

Based on the classic New Balance 420 silhouette, the so-called “Reflective 420″ sneaker shown here is made of a material that has little, tiny pieces of glass beads that make it incredibly responsive to light. The material makes the shoe really scuff-resistant, dirt-repellent, and water-repellent.

As you may or may not know, I love just about anything that is made with reflective material and these shoes are no exception. Mixed in with the look of the 420, this is a winning combination in my book. I’d love to grab a pair of these when they come out. No word on how much they will be, but since they’ll be on sale at Barney’s, I’m assuming they’ll be a bit more expensive than the regular 420 sneaker. We’ll see. For now, check out some more photos here.