This past week, I kept seeing blog posts about this Victor machine, but it didn’t connect in my head that it was the same Victor that made the mouse traps I’ve seen laid out around some houses. I just figured it was something else, until I saw the demonstration video posted at Arbroath.

My goodness, is this mouse trap a beast! The Victor Multi-Kill leads mice into the machine by a staircase design (we all know how much mice love to climb) and then traps them inside by zapping them with a lethal dose of current. Then, when the mouse has died, the inside rotates and drops the dead body into a compartment big enough to store 10 dead mice. Then you empty it in the morning and start the process all over again!

The amazing thing about this is that it has a 100% kill rate, essentially saying that nothing that goes in will ever come back out (at least not alive). And if you’ve got a huge mice problem, don’t worry, because the Victor Multi-Kill is reusable and able to kill 150 mice on one set of batteries.

Watch the video below to get a better sense of how this machine works.