Photo: China Photos/Getty Images

The Big Picture takes a look at the reconstruction process going on in Sichuan, China 6 months after a devastating 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck the region. There seems to be much progress in the rebuilding as the Chinese government works feaverishly to get people out of the temporary tents and back into 4-walled homes.

The image above of a monument made from found structures in the debris struck me as rather interesting because of its context. While there are certainly Christians living in China, the country has had a reputation of being less-than-friendly to its Christians. I’ve heard stories of Christians having to disguise their faith in order to not be persecuted by the government, and yet here is a hill adorned with crosses seemingly out in the open in China.

I know the cross isn’t unique to the Christian faith, but it is definitely one of the stronger images that Christians and non-Christians associate with the faith and it’s really great that people in this area are possibly looking to a higher power in this time of trouble and that the government is allowing such symbols to stay standing.

I know I could be looking too deep into it and that in the end this could be nothing more than just an earthly sign of hope for the people in the area, but it’s something I thought about when I saw this image.