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Vincent Laforet has been experimenting with some crazy camera setups lately and he’s recently been showing off his RED One camera with an 800mm Canon f/5.6. Here’s how Vincent describes the monster:

The Red EOS Mount by Wicked Circuits was created by Andy Lesniak and Richard Wardlow. It allows you to control both Iris (Aperture) and focus control of any Canon EF Lens mounted to a RED One (Link to Wicked Circuits to come.) This will allow us to shoot 4K, 3K and 2K footage at up to 120 fps. The lens (w/ the crop factor) will be the equivalent of a 1280mm 5.6 and up (depending on the resolution we set.)

This is seriously one of the craziest camera setups I’ve ever seen. I hope he gets to post some samples up on his site for public viewing. I’m very interested in seeing how images come out!