About a month ago, I posted about Mike and his wonderful project of covering an entire bike in Scotchlite 680 reflective vinyl. At the time of that post, Mike was in the process of trying to get Beacon Graphics to make a smaller consumer version of the Bright Bike reflective kit (because an entire roll cost $100+).

Well, it looks like Mike and his efforts have paid off as he was able to get Beacon Graphics and Eyebeam together on a complete bicycle reflective kit that costs only $40. The Bright Bike DIY kit contains everything you need to turn your bike into a reflective mess! It includes 6 feet of 3M Scotchlite black reflective vinyl, a 4oz spray bottle of prep cleaner, and a felt squeegee.

If you get the kit, make sure you follow the instructions and watch this video to make sure you’re doing it right!