Look at this wonderful custom Nike SB Dunk by Brad Douglas. Brad took a pair of white distressed Nike SB Dunk Lows and sewed grip tape over the leather to make one of the toughest Nike SB Dunks you can buy. And since the grip tape is backed by the leather, it is less susceptible to cracking and creasing which is always good if you want to show these babies off for a long time.

The combination of the two seems like such common sense (in terms of fashionable design, anyway) because grip tape is such an essential part of skateboarding (and these are skateboarding sneakers). Nike should take some cues from this and make a real grip tape dunk, possibly in a different colorway. But I imagine that the machines Nike uses to put sneakers together would get some terrible wear after only a few pairs because grip tape is so abrasive and resistant to anything it touches. Still, I think this is absolutely a great idea!

Check out larger pictures below (and full size images over at NikeSB).