Laura Brunow Miner (Space Miner) has a short and well-written suggestion for people posting on Tumblr to get it together and credit your sources for photos and quotes.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found something very interesting on Tumblr only to have to jump through hoops just to find out who created the original artwork (photograph, image, or quote). It’s very annoying not just from a reader’s point of view but from an artist’s point of view as well because people’s work are often just taken out of context and posted without any recognition of the original artist.

I consider it common courtesy to link back to either the artist’s website or the page from where the artist originally posted their work and at the moment, Tumblr seems to be the largest single site that is guilty of doing neither. It’s always a long line of reblogs and reblogs and reblogs, with no one in the middle even bothering to stop and think about where that image or peice of artwork came from.

So get it together Tumblr. Take a look at the revised post mock-up that Laura created and integrate that into the Dashboard area. Pronto!