Spike has an article entitled The Seven Biggest Loopholes in Terminator Salvation that might make or break the latest Terminator movie for you. It’s no secret that watching a film like Terminator requires a certain level of suspension of disbelief, but Spike does raise several good points about some missing logic in Terminator-land.

Here’s a snippet from top loophole #2:

So as far as Skynet is concerned, here’s the future head of the resistance, snooping around headquarters without anyone or anything giving him much trouble. And then, BOOM, it’s the T-800 (CG Arnold) ready to tumble. But the real question is: why didn’t they sick the whole damn army on him?

Here you have John Connor, Skynet’s Most Wanted, and they send one Terminator to kill him in a factory of Terminators? They’ve been trying to kill this guy throughout time and space, and they finally have him right where they want him – and they send one Terminator? What, exactly, was the point of making all those other Terminators if they didn’t intend on using them at the key moment they might need a few? Talk about understaffing the war effort. Who’s running Skynet, anyway? Donald Rumsfeld? Fail!

I haven’t seen Terminator Salvation yet but I read the entire Spike article anyway. There weren’t really any spoilers and even after reading it all, I intend to go see the film. I love Terminator and nothing — even a bad movie — is going to phase me.