PSFK has some images of a new Starbucks venture called 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea (located in Seattle) that is basically a Starbucks store without any Starbucks branding (except for a small note on the window that says “inspired by Starbucks”). The purpose of the store is to evoke a feeling of a local neighborhood coffee shop and I must say that I’m quite impressed. The stores have a very old and rustic look to them and word is that these stores will attempt to bring in live music and poetry readings on a regular basis as well as sell wine and beer.

For now, it seems like the new store is merely a concept and only time will tell if it becomes a hit, especially after news spreads that it’s a Starbucks-owned coffee place. I’d love for them to open one in New York (but that’ll probably never happen because, well, it’s New York).