For the duration of its 500+ pages, The Sartorialist (Penguin) book does an amazing job of bringing the reader around the world — to New York, France, Sweden, Moscow, Italy, London, L.A., and more — and presenting some of the most wild, beautiful, and elegantly-dressed people one is ever bound to cross paths with. If you don’t know already, the book is a sort of supplement to, the blog by the same name run by Scott Schuman that aims to bring real-world fashion sense to the forefront of fashion discourse.

For several years now, Scott has been shooting well-dressed people and has amassed quite a collection of photographs of folks who can truly inspire and influence the fashion we see on the street. There are many pictures in this book that never appear on the website which instantly makes this a treasure to hold for any fan of Most of the images in the book are full-page photos of subjects outdoors, but Scott does throw in the occasional studio photo or the occasional headshot. What I love about The Sartorialist book is that Scott takes some time out every couple of pages to write a short paragraph (or page) about a particular subject. Usually it’s about what he finds so fascinating about him/her and why he continues to shoot the person. And other times, the paragraph is about a city or a place which Scott does a good job of summing up quickly so you can continue on with the photographs.

The Sartorialist comes out tomorrow (August 12, 2009) and you can pre-order it on now for just $16.50 (MSRP is $25). Or you can pick it up at your local bookstore and dive into the book right away. There’s also a limited edition of the book called The Sartorialist: (Bespoke Edition) which is a hardcover version selling for $110.25 on (MSRP is $175).

Anyway, if you absolutely cannot hold yourself over for 24 hours, I have attached some images of an advanced copy that Penguin sent over that I’m sure you’ll find satisfying.