I went to Irving Plaza the other day to pick up tickets for MUTEMATH and 30 Seconds To Mars at Roseland Ballroom on April 21st and was told that the tickets to this particular show were only available online. WHAT!

Don’t get me wrong, anybody who has kept up with this blog knows that I’d do just about anything to see MUTEMATH live, but being charged an additional $12 for EACH TICKET on LiveNation.com or Ticketmaster.com is where I draw the line. Normally, I bypass these insane fees by just purchasing at the venue box office but this is the first show in New York City where MUTEMATH’s tickets are NOT available for purchasing directly from the box office. Is there any logical reason for this? Does the decision come from MUTEMATH or 30 Seconds To Mars? I’d love to know why any band would subject their fans to the incredible rip-off that is ticketmaster and livenation.com.

Sadly, it looks like I won’t be going to this show in April. I don’t understand why the band(s) don’t just give fans the choice of buying online or at the box office. It’s a damn shame, really.