Life Cycles – Documentary from Justin Derry on Vimeo.

Check out this great short video about the vibrant cycling community present in Burlington, VT. In it, you will find an interview with Glenn Eames, the owner and founder of the wonderful vintage bike museum known as Old Spokes Home.

Featured in this short documentary are:

Chris Norris – A bike mechanic and college student who works at the Old Spokes Home. He along with friend and co-worker, Brian Kleiber, recently launched a blog chronicling the bike scene in Burlington and beyond:

Hubert d’Autremont – A small business owner who has just recently setup shop in an artist collective warehouse building hand-built bicycle frames.

Glenn Eames – The owner and founder of The Old Spokes Home in Burlington, VT. The Old Spokes home is a unique shop that prides itself on honoring the history of cycling and on creating an environment that is welcoming to all.

I really want to make a trip to Vermont to visit Old Spokes Home.