I’ve posted briefly about this new book called Will I Go To Hell For This before from Klematis and now I’ve got a physical copy of the book to browse through.

After sitting with it for a few weeks, I’m glad to say that this limited release book is well worth the effort in trying to get a hold of it. For those who don’t know, Will I Go To Hell For This follows the art of S-train graffiti in Denmark (specifically Copenhagen) from its beginnings in the 80′s until 2009 when the S-train was decommissioned and replaced by more modern rail cars. The book is an interesting look at the people directly involved in the scene with plenty of great photos to supplement the interviews in the book. Some of the photo of the artists are printed with scratched out faces to make it a bit harder to identify and this adds a bit of a nice touch and raw feel to the images in the book.

This book is like the Bible of the Copenhagen S-train graffiti movement with details of its history, technique, tools, and culture all etched out in much detail on the 260+ pages inside. But of course, what makes this book worth it in the end is the photos of the now-gone S-train graffiti that at times were said to only have run for a few days. Like their American counterparts, the graffiti writers in Copenhagen involved in this sort of work were thrill-seekers aiming to get their moniker up and all over the city. Their efforts are very well documented in this volume and I encourage all graffiti and street art enthusiasts to check it out. The book has a very limited release at the moment but you can try and snag a copy at these locations listed here. Or if your local book shop has connections, maybe you can get them to purchase a few copies. For now, enjoy the select pages below.